Any kind of device/contraption (redstone etc.) that fires repeatedly like this or that utilizes an infinite redstone loop are now prohibited on the server, please disable them immediately. Machines like this create an immense strain on the server, especially when there are dozens of them. I don’t believe it’s fair for the masses that have to bear the consequences of a small fews (highly inefficient, automated) large scale operations. I’m very sorry to the people that are affected by this, we will be offering up to $100k in-game money per farm as compensation.

(we are able to detect machines like this, so please disable them or we will)

Here are some alternative designs designed by our very own @SlickPorcupine (PD), @BaronDeluxe (PD), and @Scarelijn (PV) that adhere to all farm restrictions.

Thank you for your compliance, I hope you will enjoy the significantly reduced server lag.