Parkour to the Top!

Hugamouse a posted Wed at 10:58

Hey everyone, Hugamouse here!

This event will take place this Sunday at 12pm Pacific Standard Time, 2pm Central Time.

This weekend we will be having a fun parkour event! Within an enclosed area, there will be a mass amount of blocks to jump on and reach the top. Not all paths lead to the top, so finding out which way to go is part of the challenge! The first three to the top win! If you fall, you will have to start over from the beginning.

After the initial race, we can also have some speed runs with direct eliminations! In this version, after you fall off, there is a chance that you won’t be able to climb back up. The layers will gradually disappear as the time goes by.

Prizes will consist of crate keys and special custom titles only obtainable by winning this event!

1st: Special custom title and 3 master keys

2nd: Special custom title and 2 master keys

3rd: Special custom title and 1 master key


Special thanks to Sylerous for helping design this event, and NyanCats911_YT for last weeks event! It takes a team effort to make these possible, so feel free to share your cool event ideas with me on discord or forums!



Hello everyone, Hugamouse here!

For those of you who don’t know me, I have been a staff member on Pokeverse for over a year, currently ranked admin. I love finding fun ways for players to enjoy playing on the server more, and would now like to open that opportunity up to you all as well! I am now the official Event Manager.

The schedule will be as listed below:

Pokedash - Sundays at 12 PM PST

We will start off our events this weekend with a fun triathlon race! You will need to have one land, flying, and water Pokemon. The three parts of the course will include a land Pokemon course, a flying Pokemon course, and finally a water Pokemon course. The land course is a straightforward race course, just running through and attempting to beat your fellow players. The flying section is a thrilling race through the hoops! Once you get to the water course, it’s an all out battle to get to the end! ***As a small note, the courses work best when your Pokemon are small, as to get the best view and to not block the course for other players. Please bring a smaller Pokemon, or change the size of your current Pokemon. If there are too many people to fit on the course at once, we will go in large groups as to prevent blockages in the race. 

Prizes will be handed out to first, second, and third as following:

First - Rank up + shiny legendary of choice

Second - 2 Master crate keys + random shiny legendary

Third - Master crate key + random legendary 

If anyone has any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please send me a private message on our Pixelmon+ discord or the forums! I hope you all enjoy the events! 


PredicateCape21 @ PokeDash
Happy to have gotten 2nd place :), very fun event and definitely looking forward to the next one!

PokeDash Tournament!

ZillaCat a posted Oct 9, 17

Hey everyone, posting on the front page just to make sure everyone knows about it! 

Sylerous, Morskil, and YorikY are running a tournament in 2 weeks over the weekend, find more details on Sylerous's official post >>HERE<< !

Best of luck to everyone, happy battling!

Halloween Sale!

Shmeeb ao posted Oct 7, 17

Happy Halloween everyone! We hope you all are enjoying this Halloween season. Today we’re launching a ~~spooky~~ Halloween sale! Everything in our store will be 35% off until Halloween! Get that rank you’ve been wanting now while it’s cheap!

Happy Halloween!

- PD Staff

Treasure Hunt!

ZillaCat a posted Sep 1, 17

Hey everyone, TheDarkPoison will be holding a treasure hunt for everyone next Saturday! We've been thinking of doing this for a while but it's been hard to tack down a time, but now we finally have one! 

The prizes for the treasure hunt will be an asortment of crate chest keys! 

Rules for the hunt:

  • Listen to the host (Dark) and other staff at all times
  • No teleporting to other players 
  • No flying with donor perks
  • Pokemon flying is allowed
  • No usage of /jump or /thru
  • Usage of /rtp is also allowed
  • After winning a round, you're not allowed to partake in another round until told so by the host

Saturday, September 9th (everywhere but AUS) // Sunday, September 10th (AUSTRALIA ONLY)

The times will be as following:
Central (Chicago Time): 2:00pm
Eastern (EST): 3:00pm
Pacific (PST): 12:00pm
UK (GMT/BST): 8:00pm
Europe (GMT+1): 9:00pm
Australia (UTC+9): 5:00am (Sunday morning for AUS)

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