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ZillaCat a posted Jun 16, 17

Hey guys I'm sorry but the Drop Party plugin hasn't been introduced to the new server; and in case you haven't heard I've been sick for the last two weeks and may be going into surgery within the next week, so for now the drop party is being called off until further notice.

xMidnitePanda o
xMidnitePanda @ PokeDash
If there is anything I can do let me know :) Always Happy to help :3
RagnarokSurtr what no this is blasphemy how dare something infect the great Zilla ;-;
DroidRazer dont die.

Update is finally here!

1_tap a posted Jun 10, 17

Hey guys, I’m happy to announce that the long awaited update is finally here!

So what does this mean for us? We’re going from Minecraft version 1.7.10 to 1.10.2 (or Pixelmon version 3.5.1 to 5.0.4). Due to this, we’re forced to use server software called Sponge instead of Bukkit. This means some of the features you might be used to could be missing for the time being, but we are working hard to get as many of these old features, as well as new ones, on the server as soon as possible.

With this, we will be doing a map reset. Everything will be reset except the following things:

  • Ranks (type /bonus to claim the items)
  • Purchased kits
  • Titles

This will be taking place today at 6 PM PST. Here is a countdown timer: http://itsalmo.st/#mapreset_qywrf


Items purchased from the donor store within the last month will be automatically refunded

Gym leaders will need to obtain a new team and re-apply in order to keep their gym leader status

If you guys have any comments or suggestions please leave a comment below

Thanks for all the support

- PD Staff

DroidRazer :/ its saying its having trouble downloading 1 file......
DroidRazer fuuuuuuudggeeee.....
DroidRazer NOOOOOO!!! i just got a Zapdos!!!! and my ocean side house! and my money! GRK #/Suicide.

UPDATE: This has been pushed back another day due to a scheduling error.

Hey guys, even though we didn't reach our donation goal, I thought it would be fun to have a drop party to celebrate the beginning of summer, school is out for most of the people in the Northern hemisphere, so it's time to celebrate, eh?

The drop party will be at it's usual time, which is: 

Sunday, June 11th (everywhere but AUS) // Monday, June 12th (AUSTRALIA ONLY)

The times will be as following:
Central (Chicago Time): 5:00pm
Eastern (EST): 6:00pm
Pacific (PST): 3:00pm
UK (GMT/BST): 11:00pm
Europe (GMT+1): 12:00am
Australia (UTC+9): 8:00am (Sunday morning for AUS)

Come out and celebrate with us! 

xMidnitePanda o
xMidnitePanda @ PokeDash
so for australians its 24 hours from now or?
JimmyOddjob damn i'm busy for this one as well, at least i'm missing it for gorillaz
Zigswag00n zilla you are a lovely lady and all but its now winter in Australia i think i will give it a miss and snuggle into my wa...

Since we reached our donation goal for the month of April, we will of course be holding a drop party! Thank you to everyone for donating to help us reach our goal! 

We'll be holding a drop party to celebrate this next weekend, Saturday, April 29th (everywhere but AUS) // Sunday, April 30th (AUSTRALIA ONLY)

The times will be as following:
Central (Chicago Time): 5:00pm
Eastern (EST): 6:00pm
Pacific (PST): 3:00pm
UK (GMT): 11:00pm
Europe (GMT+1): 12:00am
Australia (UTC+9): 8:00am (Sunday morning for AUS)

Thanks again for donating and hope to see you at the party!!

SupahKoopah Yay! Another one!
DarkFlame_3Rs Can't Wait
JimmyOddjob damn I can't make it

Drop Party, No Tournament.

ZillaCat a posted Mar 31, 17

Hello everyone,

Since only 3 people signed up for the tournament, there were not enough participants to hold a tournament. I have been extremely busy this week and will continue to be busy until next weekend, so we will be having a drop party next Saturday, April 8th (Sunday, April 9th for Australians).

Times will be:

4pm Central (GMT -6)
5pm Eastern (GMT -5)
2pm Pacific (GMT -8)
10pm UK (GMT +0)
11pm EU (GMT +1)
7am AUS (GMT +9)

Thank you everyone so much for donating, we couldn't be here without you guys. Hope this party is one to remember! :)

SkyTaker153 Yay!!
MrWoelfchen So it's 11pm in Germany right?
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