3 new events + new features!

Shmeeb aS posted Mar 25, 19

Hello everyone, I’ve got a few cool updates to finally release to you guys!



This new action packed daily minigame revolves around earning as many points as possible by killing various types of mobs. Mobs that are more dangerous and harder to defeat are worth more points - but be careful, points are deducted on death! In order to provide a fair experience to both new and seasoned players alike, the only kinds of non-enchanted equipment permitted in the arena are bows, leather armor, and iron swords (all available in a kit), although you must bring your own supply of potions and food. We’ll be listening to feedback and adjusting mob point values and spawn rates as necessary in order to keep the game as fair and fun as possible. Have fun!


Ice Race

Race against your friends to the finish line in this surprisingly challenging minigame! This event will always be open so you can practice and beat your personal best, or maybe even the record across the whole server!


Bounce Parkour

Be the first to the end of this special flavor of Parkour: Bounce Parkour! Each different type of block will launch you at a different strength, so be careful!

Stats Room

Show off your clout in our all new Stats Room! Here the heads of the top three record holders of fifteen various statistics are on display for everyone to see. Check it out at /warp stats


Aura Room

Curious about what certain Aura Pokemon look like? Check out our fancy display of each kind at /warp auras


Daily Vote Raffle System

Every vote will now automatically deposit 1 ticket into a Daily Raffle pot which will be drawn every day at 7 PM PT! As an added bonus, Pixelmon+ users will get double the amount of tickets deposited per vote!


New Donor Perks

  • PokeMaster
    • /jump - jump where you’re looking
    • /breed [slot] [slot] - instantly breeds the Pokemon in the specified slots
  • Master
    • /redeemfossil - revives a fossil to your party
  • Challenger
    • /compsearch [player] [poke] - searches someone's PC for a certain Pokemon
    • /compsee [player] [box] - shows all Pokemon in someone's PC box


Miscellaneous Changes

  • View the players with the most Tokens on the server with /tokens top
  • God Fishing Rod & Hoe have been added to the Vote Crate
  • Two new kits have been added to the donor store
  • Give the gift of a Random Shiny to everyone online with a PokeParty, now available in the donor store
  • Trade a TM / Evolution Stone / Mega Stone for a different one with /itemtrade
  • Reduce an IV stat for 1000 Tokens per level in PokeBuilder
  • Rainbow PokeParticle added
  • Added /hiddenpower <slot> and /checkevs <pokemon>
  • Items that should be enchanted are now enchanted in crates


Thank you all, I hope you enjoy!

- PD Staff

Generation 7 update is here!

Shmeeb aS posted Feb 8, 19

Hello everyone, the long awaited Generation 7 update has finally been released! Many changes have been made in this update, including the addition of every Pokemon, so check out the full changelog here. I’ve also prepared a mini update for you all, enjoy!


Pixelmon+ Incentives

Pixelmon+ users may now claim a kit that gives 10 to 30 tokens randomly per day, and may also set an extra home. If you haven’t already, download the pack here.


New Vote Crate Rewards

  • God Shear added
  • God Bow added
  • Random Rare Enchantment Book added


YouTube Competition v2

With this update it’s a perfect time to launch our second official YouTube competition! Check out the competition guidelines here.


Nexus Competition v2 Winner

The winner of the Nexus competition is… drumroll please Pokeshop owned by @Shyry123, enjoy your $100 store coupon! There were some great shops this time around, and there will likely be another competition in the future so starting preparation now might be a good idea :)


New Farm Restrictions

In an effort to reduce lag on the server we have implemented a new set of rules with regard to automated redstone farms, please read them here.


Miscellaneous Changes

  • Two new donor kits have been added to the store
  • GTS has temporarily been disabled while we wait for the developers to update it
  • View the last three legendaries spawned with /lastlegend
  • New rules have been added which prohibit receiving or offering assistance towards /dex, check them out here
  • Masters+ are now able to break Mob Spawners
  • Purchase your own head for $50,000 in-game money at /warp shop
  • Trade 64 Special Winner Stars for a Random Shiny at /warp shop


Thank you all for being amazing,

- PD Staff

shyry123 S This seems like a great update, I'm delighted to experience this with the server and community. Also $100 wow :p Th...

Couple nifty updates + sale!

Shmeeb aS posted Jan 18, 19

Hello everyone, Shmeeb here with another fantastic update! This is one of my personal favorites, I hope you all enjoy!



Instead of completely enabling rain we have implemented a system where Mythics+ may now start a vote for either Sunny, Rainy, or Stormy weather with /wv start [weather]. If half or more of the votes are in approval, the server will then switch to the voted upon weather condition for 10 minutes. Starting the vote costs $1,000 in-game money and may only be called on the server once per hour.


AdventureMMO makes a return!

It’s been a long time since this mod was enabled so I figure it’d be best to fully re-introduce it.

  • Level up various skills listed here, including our custom battling, breeding, and catching skills to enhance special abilities listed here
  • See available skills with /skills and details about each skill with /skill <skill>



Show off your lightning fast reaction skills by being the first to click on a certain character in chat! This mini-event happens around once an hour and rewards the winner with an Event key! Good luck!


Tired of spamming RTP to find that one pesky biome? We are too, so we’ve just implemented a new /BiomeRTP menu (on top of the existing RTP) which allows you to pick the exact biome where you will end up! The default cooldown for this command is 2 minutes, and Mythics+ have no cooldown. Enjoy!


Unlockable in crates and the donor store, an activated Incense will drastically increase the amount of Pokemon spawning around you for 15 minutes, including shinies and legendaries!



  • Champions+ may now see the remaining steps required to hatch an egg with /eggsteps <slot>
  • Gym Leaders now have access to /tmshop

With this update we’ll also be launching a flash 40% sale in the donor store!


Thanks everyone, until next time.

- PD Staff

duckston if only my computer wasn’t broken
shyry123 S Looks amazing :p Incense spam anyone?

Map reset + updates!

Shmeeb aS posted Nov 28, 18

Hey guys, it’s that time of the year again! With the current map being eight months old, we decided this is the perfect time to do a reset. We’ve had an amazing run on this map, the server has evolved and improved so much thanks to all of your suggestions and feedback. As we head into map number four, myself and the administration team will be placing an extra focus on maintaining the health, longevity, and prosperity of the in-game economy. I personally am very excited for this clean start and can’t wait to continue pushing out new spicy updates to keep the server fresh for you guys. The details for the reset are as follows:

Everything except the following will be reset:

  • Ranks (type /bonus to claim the items)
  • Purchased kits
  • Titles, Emotes, Cosmetics, Nicknames, and RU time
  • Your Pixelmon party (not PC)

This will be taking place on Friday the 30th at 3 PM PST


  • Items purchased from the donor store within the last month will be automagically refunded in 2 days from the release
  • All gym leaders will need to re-apply

~ Updates ~

(available after the reset)

Christmas Advent Calendar

Come celebrate the spirit of Christmas this month at our all new 2018 Christmas Advent Calendar! Simply speak with Santa at /warp santa every day, and if you’ve been good this year he just might give you some gifts :) Be sure to check back daily!

With this update we’ve also added a brand new seasonal crate key: the Jolly key. Unlock exclusive items, winter themed Pokemon, and more; available for a limited time only from Santa and the donor store.

Gym Leader & Challenger rewards

In an effort to increase the activity of our player gyms we have introduced a system to incentivize activity for both gym leaders and challengers alike. Gym Leaders may now claim a reward every certain amount of battles completed via /gymleaderrewards, and gym challengers may also claim a reward every 2 badges earned via /gymrewards.

Nexus Upgrades & Competition v2

With this new map we are also changing up the Nexus a bit, the Nexus pads closest to the entrance are now Town Pads, which are reserved for areas that contain shops owned by other players. For more info on how to obtain a Town Pad click here.

We’ll also be hosting another server-wide Nexus Competition! The theme will again be “extravagance,” but this time the judgement criteria will be different. Shops will be judged by the following factors, in order of importance: adherence to the theme, creativity, quality of spawn area & builds, usability (shops mostly out of stock aren’t considered), and item selection/variety.

The (one) winner will get a highly distinguished Nexus pad and a $100 coupon for the donation store. No entry is required for this competition - all Nexus warps will be evaluated. I will be the judge and I will make my decision on the 12th of January. Good luck and have fun!

Price adjustments

  • Prices in /cosmetics have been reduced
  • DropCrate rewards have been nerfed
  • Pokedex rewards have been nerfed

Misc Changes

  • View how many badges a player has by hovering over their name in chat
  • Earn double voting rewards from release until December 10th


- PD Staff

Giant update + 40% off sale!

Shmeeb aS posted Sep 28, 18


It’s been a long run with Generations, but it’s now time to switch back to the original version of the mod, Pixelmon Reforged. This means a few things. Firstly, Generations has slightly more Pokemon implemented than Reforged at the moment. These Pokemon which are not yet implemented will be added to a “Deep Storage,” which means once the Reforged team adds them to their mod, you will automatically get the Pokemon back exactly as it was. Secondly, the developers of Reforged are significantly more experienced and are able to maintain/fix bugs much more effectively. This means no more sloppy Pokemon textures, fewer Pokemon disappearing/duping, better FPS, more frequent updates, and tons more. Lastly, AdventureMMO and the legendary spawn reward from VoteParty must be temporarily disabled until they can be updated. With this update we will also be increasing the world border from 30x30k to 40x40k in order to free up some more space for new players.

To join our server from this point on you will need to either update your Technic packs, or download the mod directly from here and replace it with Generations in your mods folder. We hope this will bring the server long-term stability and greatly improve the overall experience.

Hey guys, Shmeeb here with another round of exciting updates & features!

~ Halloween Spookiness ~

First and foremost, we’re embracing my personal favorite time of the year with some spOoOoOky new features! Come Trick or Treat at our brand new Haunted House located at /warp hauntedhouse and grab yourself some goodies! Simply ring the doorbell and wait a few seconds for someone to answer :) You may claim up to 1 reward every other day in the form of a “Cursed Key,” which can be redeemed at /warp crates. These keys are available for a limited time only through /warp hauntedhouse and in the donator store. Last but not least we also released some new Halloween titles and emotes, both available in the Cursed Crate.

Color Party

Next up we’ve got a brand new event, coded by yours truly. Put your skills to the test in this fast paced, reaction based minigame. Each round you must stand on the chosen color before the timer runs out. Each round the timer is reduced slightly, so act quickly! We’ll be hosting this alongside our other daily events.

Drop Crates

Hunt for “Drop Crates” of varying tiers, spawned randomly throughout the day at a random location. These ultra-rare crates offer a wide variety of exclusive high-tier items, available only through Drop Crates. Happy hunting!

Note for donors: In order to make this fair, walking & flying /speed must be set to default values at the latest 30 seconds after a Drop Crate has been spawned in order to be eligible to claim it


Next up, we’ve decided to replace the mall with a better system that allows for more player customization and interaction: the Nexus! In this new area located at /warp nexus, you guys are able to purchase any of the “Nexus” portals for a price of $50k up to $100k. Simply politely ask your nearest moderator and they will set you up. Act quickly before all the hottest spots are taken! We hope this will allow you guys to take your shops to the next level and make the economy more enjoyable.

In order to “kickstart” things a bit we decided it would be fun to host a server-wide Nexus competition! The theme is simply “extravagance,” be it through the actual builds and/or your ChestShop setup.

The (one) winner will get their very own NPC permanently placed in the Nexus, a highly distinguished Nexus pad, and $50 credit in the donation store. No entry is required for this competition - all Nexus warps will be evaluated. I will be the judge and I will make my decision on the 14th of October. Good luck and have fun!

Nexus Rules:

  • Max 1 Nexus portal per player, and per 100x100 area
  • ChestShops must be located within the immediate vicinity of the portal
  • Portals whose owner remains inactive for 60+ days may be removed
  • An area must have at least 6 (stocked) ChestShops in order to be eligible for a Nexus portal
  • Item Frames may not be placed anywhere near a Nexus portal, as they cause lag issues

Disco Club

Wanting to blow off some steam? Come get funky in PokeDash’s very own “Club Shmeeb,” equipped with a working DJ, dance floor, and stunning particle effects! Maybe even grab yourself a drink or two while you’re at it.

Forum Tags

In an effort to increase activity on our forums we decided to add some extra incentives for being an active user. Earn yourself some fancy tags and juicy in-game rewards as outlined here.


Have any friends that also play Minecraft? Introduce them to our lovely server for some sweet rewards with /refer <name>. If you refer them before they ever log in, and they accrue 6 hours of playtime, you both will get a free Master crate key! Once they have 6 hours of playtime type /referrals claim to receive the rewards. We hope this will help spread the word about our awesome server :)

Note: any attempts to game the system (using alts, for example) will be caught and earn you a permanent ban

Miscellaneous Changes:

  • Token and in-game money rewards have been buffed in all crates
  • Builder applications are now open for serious & talented applicants only! Apply here

With this barrage of updates we’ll also be running a 40% off sale from now until October 8th. Get those ranks now while they’re cheap!

Lastly thank you all for your amazing support lately, I’m very excited to keep bringing you guys enjoyable new content. Stay tuned, next update will be even more awesome :)

- PD Staff

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