3 new events + new features!

By Shmeeb aS - Posted Mar 25, 19

Hello everyone, I’ve got a few cool updates to finally release to you guys!



This new action packed daily minigame revolves around earning as many points as possible by killing various types of mobs. Mobs that are more dangerous and harder to defeat are worth more points - but be careful, points are deducted on death! In order to provide a fair experience to both new and seasoned players alike, the only kinds of non-enchanted equipment permitted in the arena are bows, leather armor, and iron swords (all available in a kit), although you must bring your own supply of potions and food. We’ll be listening to feedback and adjusting mob point values and spawn rates as necessary in order to keep the game as fair and fun as possible. Have fun!


Ice Race

Race against your friends to the finish line in this surprisingly challenging minigame! This event will always be open so you can practice and beat your personal best, or maybe even the record across the whole server!


Bounce Parkour

Be the first to the end of this special flavor of Parkour: Bounce Parkour! Each different type of block will launch you at a different strength, so be careful!

Stats Room

Show off your clout in our all new Stats Room! Here the heads of the top three record holders of fifteen various statistics are on display for everyone to see. Check it out at /warp stats


Aura Room

Curious about what certain Aura Pokemon look like? Check out our fancy display of each kind at /warp auras


Daily Vote Raffle System

Every vote will now automatically deposit 1 ticket into a Daily Raffle pot which will be drawn every day at 7 PM PT! As an added bonus, Pixelmon+ users will get double the amount of tickets deposited per vote!


New Donor Perks

  • PokeMaster
    • /jump - jump where you’re looking
    • /breed [slot] [slot] - instantly breeds the Pokemon in the specified slots
  • Master
    • /redeemfossil - revives a fossil to your party
  • Challenger
    • /compsearch [player] [poke] - searches someone's PC for a certain Pokemon
    • /compsee [player] [box] - shows all Pokemon in someone's PC box


Miscellaneous Changes

  • View the players with the most Tokens on the server with /tokens top
  • God Fishing Rod & Hoe have been added to the Vote Crate
  • Two new kits have been added to the donor store
  • Give the gift of a Random Shiny to everyone online with a PokeParty, now available in the donor store
  • Trade a TM / Evolution Stone / Mega Stone for a different one with /itemtrade
  • Reduce an IV stat for 1000 Tokens per level in PokeBuilder
  • Rainbow PokeParticle added
  • Added /hiddenpower <slot> and /checkevs <pokemon>
  • Items that should be enchanted are now enchanted in crates


Thank you all, I hope you enjoy!

- PD Staff

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