Updates and Additions!

By Geeses - Posted Apr 14, 18

Hey guys, recently the team and I have been working on adding some new and exciting things and bringing back some heavily requested builds. 


  • Head over to /warp headshop and browse through over 20 different shops all offering an assortment of custom heads for purchase at lower prices than before

Passive Spawner

  • /warp spawner has been made new and replaces /warp slaughter. It includes many passive creatures including the 1.12 Llamas and Parrots! Hostile mobs coming soon


  • Spawn now contains 10 presents you can find for rewards, good luck finding them all! Many more to come in the future

NPC Gym Leaders

  • 18 NPC leaders have been added to a large mansion at /warp adventure all ready to fight daily for rewards!

Server Wide Hunt!

  • Shrines have popped up all over the map, they vary in many ways however all contain incredibly rare Pokemon with traits otherwise impossible to obtain. They are Extremely rare, keep an eye out on your travels for your chance to find one of these exclusive Pokemon. Contact Sylerous in-game with the item to redeem the Pokemon


  • Lastly but not least we're introducing Pokemon Invasions! Keep an eye on chat to find out when a large horde of Pokemon is invading a certain area. Use /warp defend to help cull the herd and get rewarded for it. Watch out as the later waves have increased difficulty!

That's all for now, we hope you all really enjoy these new additions and look forward to future updates, farewell o/

- PD Staff

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